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logo HeinPragt software engineeringWelcome to the homepage of HeinPragt software engineering, with over 40 years of experience in programming and software engineering. Forty years ago I started as a Z80 assembler programmer for the TRS-80 computer and after that I wrote embedded software in assembler for many years and 'C' for POS systems, data communication systems and modems. I also developed Windows programs in C and C ++, I deliberately left Java behind and in recent years I mostly program in C (Win32 / 64), C # (Unity) and HTML5 / Javascript and in 'C' for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. I have Microsoft certification for all these programming languages. For more information, see my online resume. This page contains an overview of all Microsoft Windows programs, Microsoft Windows games and all information and documentation that you can access from this site to download. The programs have been developed by myself and they are also regularly updated. You can safely download here, the website features a security certificate and all Windows programs and games are also protected with a code certificate that is trusted by Microsoft Windows. All other files have been tested by a virus scanner. With all these measures, I try to ensure that you can safely download from this site. HeinPragt software engineering provides a mix of freeware and paid software, this is clearly stated and there are no hidden costs. In addition, you can purchase sourcecode or parts of sourcecode. Please contact me using the contact form. Regards, Hein Pragt

Windows programm's and apps

This is an overview of all Windows (Win32 / Win64 and UWP) programs that I have developed and that you can download here.

Adventure game - Bon Vivant

donationwareadventure interpreterFor all people who like first person, point and click adventure games, on January 6, 2019 I have my own game, Bon Vivant - the tale of a mysterious guesthouse, released. After six months of programming and designing (in C # and Unity) it is ready. The game takes place in an abandoned and boarded-up boarding house in a forest somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. Ten years ago a drama took place in the guesthouse and since then it has been abandoned and boarded up. You wanted to research the story on your vacation but your partner stopped you, a year later you lost everything and as an act of rebellion you plan to investigate to the mysterious guesthouse to discover everything that has happened. You can download the game for free from this site and me would like to invite you to download and play the game. The game can be played (optionally) in Dutch or English.
Download the game.

Develop page: Bon Vivant development.

Scott Adams game interpreter 3.0.4.

freewareadventure interpreterIn this version (3.0.4) 2018 the window can be resized so that the full text of the inventory is now visible. With this interpreter program you can play the old text adventures of Scott Adams (Adventure International) on your Windows PC. Fourteen original adventure games are in the same zip file. This version has a much improved (English) user interface, buttons for the most used commands, a separate inventory window and dropdown lists with all commands and items. You can do it download the program for free from this internet site. This portable version of the program makes it easier to use these old Play adventure games with a modern user interface. This program has also been released on an Adventure Game compilation CD in the USA. Unzip the zip file in a directory of your choice and click on the exe file to start the program.
Veilig dDownload safely from this site: download adventure interpreter 3.0.4 AdvInt304.zip

De Scott Adams game interpreter is ook beschikbaar als Windows 10 app in de Microsoft Appstore, vanuit deze Appstore kunt u het velig installeren op uw Windows 10 computer. In deze versie zijn de adventure spellen reeds meegeleverd in het programma zelf.
 Installeren als Windows 10 App vanuit de Microsoft Appstore.

Hpmef (Minimal Emulator Frontend)

freewareHein Pragt Minimal Emulator FrontendThere are some great emulator frontends available on the internet, I am using retropie on a mini Nes with a Raspberry pi. But for my Windows 10 desktop there are only programs that are huge, with a lot of artwork and sounds, not user-friendly and sometimes very difficult to use configure. After some disappointing experiences, I decided I needed a really simple frontend, just select a game and double click on it and it will be on the correct emulator. As always when I can't find what I need I write it myself, I am one experienced C- and C ++ programmer and I know how to write portable Windows programs. I still have a backup file with lots of game roms, I just needed to find stable and portable emulator programs for the game consoles. And the game emulators had to have a command line interface to start the emulator with a predefined game rom. Here is the result.
Go to the download page: Hpmef (Minimal Emulator Frontend)

Develop page: Hpmef (Minimal Emulator Frontend).

PragtTextUtil programma

freewarepragt text utilPragtTextUtil is not an editor although the basic functions to edit text are present in the program. The program is intended to perform edits on text such as converting it to uppercase or lowercase or removing HTML tags and the convert to neat paragraphs. But also many Unix utilities such as wc, trim, uniq, sort, grep, head, tail and filtering are embedded in this program but also complex editing such as a sorted word frequency overview. You can also, for example, save all rules from a log file that contain or do not contain a particular word. Another nice option is search and replace with the possibility to use CTRL characters in the search but also the replace text. A very useful portable program if you are a developer or administrator or if you have to perform a lot of editing on text. In the latest version 1.07, sorting has been made ten times faster. You can download the program from this internet site, unzip the zip file in a directory of your choice and click on the exe file to start the program.
Download safely from this site: pragttextutil-1.07.zip (Versie 1.07 2018)

Develop page: PragtTextUtil.

Z80 workbench

freewarepragt z80 workbenchThis program is a Z80 editor, emulator plus debugger in one. To program for the z80 you need an assembler or compiler. I think it's personally still nice to write in Z80 assembler but I couldn't find any tools for Windows 10 anymore. There was still some to download but most worked at DOS level. After some searching I decided it was time for a new project, building a complete integrated Z80 development environment. I found one pretty good assembler and good portable C code from an emulator and the rest I had somewhere in my code library. The result is Z80 workbench become a portable x64 Windows program that includes an editor, assembler, disassembler, emulator, single step debugger, intel hex read / write function has a terminal window, an MPF-1 compatible seven segment display with 8 leds and keyboard support.
Download safely from this site: Z80 Workbench version 1.20

Develop page: Z80 workbench.

Het spel Reversi in C# voor windows 1.01 64 Bit

freewaredownload hmp reversi The next challenge I have set myself is to completely rewrite the game Reversi (which I originally wrote in 'C' had set up in 'C #' with a good object model and pure OO. I was first concerned with performance because of an evaluation routine with min-max must be able to execute and analyze at least 40 million moves within half a minute. The optimizations I'm in Had created 'C' like a bitboard for storing a board in two unsigned 64 bit integers, I could get into 'C #' pretty quickly because it still has quite a lot in common with the programming language 'C' and 'C ++'. It's not C ++++ for nothing with the pluses pushed together as # sign. The good division of the game into logical objects and these objects well together communication was a challenge, but with the use of delegates and events it was ultimately easy to solve. In that You notice that the language is designed to solve common programming challenges well and efficiently, I like 'C #' then also a very practical programming language. For the user interface I made a 'C #' forms application, this is also mine understand a good and efficient DotNet framwork part. My main concern was the speed of the DotNet code versus the compiled one native 'C' code, but in the end that was not so bad, the DotNet code is almost as fast as the native code, which is often amaze continues. The application is ready and version 1.01 is now online here as portable signed windows X64 exe and also the source code in the form of the Visual Studio project is available for download.
Download safely from this site: HmPCsharpReversi.exe

Hmp_reversi voor windows 3.02 64 Bit

freewaredownload hmp reversi This is a recent version of my reversi (or othello) program where I applied several optimizations. First, it is program now 64 bits so that a field can be stored in two 64 bit words. The game uses bitboards, quite a lot efficient and smart flip algorithm, alpha beta pruning, hashing / caching, move ordering, opening book and pattern based evaluation. The game can look 12 to 20 ply deep and has no setting to make it play weaker. The game always plays at the best level just like a human opponent. For me, winning a reversi program set to a low level is just like that like winning in a running race when the opponent has a rope around both legs. This is not a real win when you gives the opponent a handicap. The game is very basic with only the ability to take back moves and a game to save or load. The game plays quite strongly, unfortunately it still loses (but cannot be played off the board) zebra and nboard when set to high level. You can download the program for free from this internet site. The game is portable, it consists of one exe file that does not need to be installed. The program is stored zipped and must will be unpacked after download. (64 bit version 3.02)
Download safely from this site: Hmp_reversi for windows.

Reversi voor windows (WIn 32).

freewaredownload mickey reversi I wrote my first version of reversi or othello in basic on the trs80 computer. This was a very simple version with O and X as pieces on it the field and a simple 2 level min / max calculation. Later on the first pc I re-registered the game for windows 95 but this time visual studio and the programming language C and assembler. Since the computers weren't that fast yet, any small optimization was welcome to calculate even more moves. The routines for playing and evaluating fields were therefore written in a very compact assembler. My son thought the background was too boring and came up with a funny look for the game. I made the last version of the game 1999 but since the game setup was a min / max with smart dynamic field values ??and the evaluation was 4 to 6 levels deep and large parts were written in assembler, further improving the game was very difficult. In 2000 I got the lost sources making this version the last version I can make. You can download the program for free from this internet site. So this is a small and portable version of the game reversi for windows, it is not a super strong version but sometimes surprising in his game. The graphic background was created by my son Robert (at the age of 12). (Version 1.04)
Download safely from this site: Mickey reversi for windows.

PragtFotoManager voor windows

freewarepragt foto manager programmaPragtFotoManager is a small Windows program that allows you to perform one or more operations simultaneously on one or more (up to 999) photos in batch). The operations are: rename photos, resize photos, thumbnail view (thumbnails), save exif information from photo in text files, convert file type, create photo index sheets and photos provided with a copyright text (watermarks). You can have these operations performed individually or all at the same time. The program is especially useful when you need to edit large quantities of photos, for example for a website or sending by e-mail. The program will not overwrite your original photos (except when renaming) but will make a copy of the photo with the desired operation. I also use the program to, for example, rename all vacation photos with a serial number with the name of the destination and year. Since I take hundreds of photos during the holidays, this cannot be done manually. The program is also very good to use as a webmaster or web editor to quickly adjust the size of a photo for a website. But it is also often important for photos that you place on a website that there is a copyright text or a watermark in the photo included, PragtFotoManager can also perform this on a whole series of selected photos in one operation. The program is packaged via winzip, you need to unzip it in any folder before use and then run it. The program is written in a very compact way (in the programming language 'C') and consists of only one exe file and is supposedly portable, no need to install it. You can download the program for free from this internet site.

Veilig downloaden vanaf deze site: PragtFotoManager (Versie 1.21) 64 bits

Download safely from this site: PragtFotoManager (Versie 1.14) 32 bits

Progressive Web Apps

Mathmemory Windows Web app

freewarerekenmemory windows 10 appThis is a game in which you have to be able to calculate well but also be able to remember well. The sums and are on the red cards the results on the blue cards. First select a red card and then a blue card to confirm the correct outcome good sum. On the first screen you can choose how big the numbers can be and which operations (+ - / *) are used turn into. For example, by only choosing multiplication you can practice the tables in a fun way. A fun educational game for children, but also a fun challenge for adults. I invented the game for my daughter when she was about eight years old.
Play the online game Mathmemory (Windows / Android / IOS)

RainbowCat Windows Web app

freewareRainbowCat windows 10 appRainbowCat is a platform arcade game created by my daughter when she was about eight years old. I've programmed all of her ideas using the game engine Construct 2, a drag and drop designer with its own visual block oriented programming environment. In this game and the aim is to collect all crystals per level and avoid dogs, spiders and spines. You must also use the find your way through the level and find the key to the next life. By jumping on certain objects RainbowCat can be super You can see this by the small rainbow above RainbowCat. This super power is necessary to progress within one level. The game has three levels with three different themes and a final boss in the last level. I wish you a lot of fun!
Play the online game Rainbow Cat (Windows / Android / IOS)

Non-technical pages

My view on integrity

integrityWe often use the word integrity to judge the character and behavior of someone. The word integrity is derived from the Latin word "integritas" that can be translated as wholeness, honesty but also decency. A person of integrity is being consistent at different times and in different situations and most of the times they show honesty, openness, sincerity, loyalty, dedication and harmony. On this page you can read my view on integrity.
My view on integrity page...

Inspiring stories

I really like short inspiring stories, most of these stories teach us an important fact of life. On this page is a collection of some inspiring stories and poems that I have collected over the years. Most of the stories are public domain, they are very old and the origin is sometimes not clear. Some of the stories are originally English and some of these stories I have translated from Dutch to English. Read these short stories and let them amuse you, lighten up your day or give you something to think about.
Goto short inspiring stories page.

Inspiring story about trying

(By: Unknown, translation: Hein Pragt)

A guru advised his students to meditate three times a day. Most of his students watched him with some burdened ands most of their comments were almost identical: "I will try." The guru nodded wisely and while he walked back to his seat, he dropped the book he had under his arm and it fell to the floor. He turned around, bent over, reached for the book, but could not get it. Time after time he grabbed but could not get the book. His students looked at him in amazement. "You try to pick it up," he said to one of the students. The student walked to the book, bent over, picked up the book and handed it to his guru. The guru hit the book out of his hands, back to the ground and said: "I did not ask you to pick the book up, I only asked you to try".

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